Costa Pop Choir and Costa Pop Lockdown 2020 are the brain child of Georgie Cullum. Georgie is an international recording and touring artist, touring with bands such as ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ and ‘COAST’ across the United States and Europe. She is not only a singer but also a songwriter in her own right. Working with likes of ‘Jay Fashole – Luke’ ‘Katherine Ellis’ ‘Martyn Ford’ ‘Paul Eastham’ and ‘Dave Doyle’

 Georgie Sings comes under the umbrella of ‘Costa Pop Choir’. A singing teacher with more than 10 years experience she has worked with people of all ages from 3 – 93 .She is a grade 8 classically trained singer with extensive knowledge of other genres such as Musical Theatre, Pop, and Jazz, and knows about how the voice works, and vocal anatomy. She also keeps up to date with all the new research within the teaching community.

 Georgie honestly believes that everyone can sing and has a voice within them, she wants the world to sing. She is based in Nerja, in Southern Spain with her whole family and her dog Buddy and when she is not on tour or writing songs she teaches singing. In person and also now online sessions.

During the time in Lockdown, Georgie has created ‘Learn to sing in Lockdown’ an online group workshop that teaches the basics about the voice, this is a 40 minute session with 2 classes back to back. Georgie is a passionate soul, and passionate about the voice.

If you would be interested in speaking with Georgie about singing lessons online or in person then do not hesitate to contact her at

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